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Enjoy the scan.

Innovation requires commitment to ambition. Primescan sets new standards in dental technology, making scanning more accurate, faster and easier than ever.

Product News

Software Generation 5


Oct 7, 2019

Software Generation 5

Distance Analysis with OraCheck 5


Oct 7, 2019


CEREC 5.1 Design Phase, move


Oct 7, 2019

CEREC Software 5.1

Connect SW 5.1, Scan


Oct 7, 2019

Connect Software 5.1

Dentist scanning


Feb 4, 2019

CEREC Primescan


Feb 4, 2019

CEREC Software 5


Sep 7, 2018

CEREC Software 4.6.1


Sep 7, 2018

CEREC Guide 3


Jun 1, 2018

CEREC Software 4.6


Nov 30, 2017

CEREC Software 4.5.2


Nov 20, 2017

CEREC Premium and Premium CAM SW 4.5


Nov 1, 2017

Dentsply Sirona Hub


Oct 1, 2017

Sirona Connect Software 4.5


Aug 13, 2017

CEREC Software 4.5.1


Jul 1, 2017

CEREC Zirconia meso - For screw-retained zirconia crowns


Jun 1, 2017

Open Scan Export


Jun 1, 2017

Shade Analysis with CEREC Omnicam

FAQS: Frequently asked questions on CEREC products

Below you will find answers to a wide range of questions about the different CEREC products. If you cannot find your personal question, you have the possibility to submit your question to us via our contact form.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on CEREC Omnicam

  •  A CEREC Omnicam, which is suitable for shade analysis (you can check this with the Omnicam Check Tool, which can be found within the topic "Shade Detection" on this page)
  • A color calibration set (REF number: 66 30 714)
  • Software version:
    • CEREC Software 4.5.0 or later
    • CEREC Premium Software 4.5.0 or later

FAQs: CEREC milling and grinding units

Milling fromt he following serial numbers are “Dry Ready”. This means they have integrated vents in the milling chamber, thus can be used for dry milling without any retrofitting:

  • CEREC MC:                                           202544
  • CEREC MC X:                                        237931
  • CEREC MC XL Premium Package:     305680


Milling units from the following serial numbers are “Dry Prepared” and can be retrofitted to “Dry Ready” for dry milling zirconia with a CEREC Suction Unit  

  • CEREC MC               202501
  • CEREC MC X            236001
  • CEREC MC XL PP    304801

A retrofit kit can be ordered for “Dry Prepared” units which includes all necessary components for dry milling zirconia. The retrofit can be completed in the field by a technician and takes about 45-60 minutes.

Unfortunately, milling units produced before these serial numbers cannot be retrofitted to “Dry Ready”.

No, there are no qualitative differences between wet milling and dry milling. Accuracy and detail of the result are identical in both processes. There are also no time differences between wet and dry milled restorations. Only the pre-drying time during sintering of zirconium oxide is eliminated with dry-milled restorations.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hub

In order to connect to other devices, Hub needs to be connected to a network. This means all devices need to be connected via a router. A direct connection between CEREC AC and Hub will not work, as this kind of so-called “peer-to-peer” connection does not constitute a network without expert configuration.  

A connection via a switch (without router) is possible but requires manual assignment of IP addresses (no plug and play feature).

Plug and play functionality requires that automatic IP address assignment (DHCP) is active in the network. For networks with manual address assignment, the User Manual provides a step-by-step guide for installation.

  • CEREC SW 4.5.1 or later
  • CEREC Premium SW 4.5 or later
  • CEREC Ortho SW 1.2.2 or later
  • Sidexis 4.1.3 or later

Sidexis (version 4.1.3 or later) connects with Hub automatically in the background. Now Sidexis can be selected as storage location in the settings of CEREC or CEREC Premium software. From now on your acquisition unit will automatically access the Sidexis patient database.

Not currently.

Currently not.

Hub has a documented interface (API) that allows connection to third-party-software. This means that Hub is prepared for this and a connection can be established as soon as the manufacturers of practice management software implement the functionality in their software. We are currently in contact with major software manufacturers in order to announce possible connections soon.

Hub will save all CAD/CAM data in a so called RAID-system. This means that all data is saved twice on two different hard disk drives. The data is transmitted with heavy encryption directly out of the CEREC or CEREC Premium software and stored securely on Hub.

Hub enables the encrypted transfer and storage directly out of the CEREC software, and is not susceptible to unauthorized access by malware, viruses or the like. In addition, only Hub features an Action Items list that provides an overview of unfinished cases.

Hub connects to all compatible devices within the network. It is technically possible to connect several locations if a consistent virtual private network (VPN) connection is established between practices. However, such a solution is complex and often not practicable due to undependable transmission speed between practices.

Hub is optimized for use in private dental practice. Hospitals and universities usually have complex networks and server architectures that suppress or block services that are required for the plug and play functionality of Hub. In individual cases, setup must be clarified with the responsible IT representatives.

Currently only via a virtual private network (VPN), which makes your home computer appear to be part of the practice network. This requires advanced networking knowledge to set up.

Yes. Hub's hardware is designed to run non-stop. Therefore, Hub should be connected to a power supply circuit that is not switched off at night.

Frequently asked questions on Sirona Connect SW 4.5

For Sirona Connect SW 4.5, the following requirements must be met:

  1. LQ hardware or higher is required. LQ was delivered as of June 2011.
  2. The PC must be equipped with 16 GB of RAM.

Frequently asked questions about CEREC SpeedFire

In this section you can find frequently asked questions about CEREC SpeedFire. Just use the orange buttons to jump directly into any category.

Technical details and requirements

The factory-calibrated thermal element is constructed for the durability of the furnace. Therefore an exchange is not expected in the first years of operation.

The calibration tool is designed for the fine adjustment of the temperature measurement and is only necessary when the thermo-element in the field has to be changed.

It lasts at least 2000 cycles.

There is no risk. The device has been inspected and sufficiently shielded, so there is no risk of emission.

Connectivity and orders


No, this is not possible.


Depending on the existing patient information in the CEREC SW, either the patient ID or the Patient name will be reconverted into the new order from the new CEREC SW 4.4.1. onwards. Due to data protection regulations the forwarding of the patient data is prohibited in a few countries.


We recommend a direct connection of the SpeedFire to your network via the Ethernet connection via LAN cable. In addition, the HW modules can also be used as a radio connection. If these options are not available, the SpeedFire can also be connected via Wi-Fi. For this you also need a USB-Wi-Fi adapter (REF: 6578012). In the case of a Wi-Fi connection, the ad-hoc mode is not permitted, the connection must be made via an access point.


Yes, the furnace in general can be controlled by several Acs, yet for doing so the CEREC SW 4.4.1 or the respective Premium version are required.


As soon as the order has been successfully forwarded to the furnace, the SW and the
CEREC AC can be switched off or a new case can be started.

Processing of the materials

No, this would be an endless list since the processes differ depending on wall thickness, volumes, material and colors.

No, only approved materials by Dentsply Sirona and our material partners can be processed.

Besides different zirconia blocks, Celtra Duo, all CEREC Blocs, all VITABlocs, Vita Suprinity PC and Ivoclar‘s IPS e.max CAD are approved. This means, CEREC SpeedFire is the first 3-in-1 furnace, which enables sintering, crystallization and glazing in one device.


Yes. A longer sintering process for lighter shades is not critical; this means sensitive colors will always be considered when combining colors during the heat treatment.


The wall thickness is an important parameter for the calculation of the processing time during the heat treatment.

CEREC SpeedGlaze & SpeedPaste

Glass ceramic.

Yes, the Programat by Ivoclar and Vacumat by Vita have been validated with Dentsply Sirona materials.

CEREC Zirconia, inCoris TZI C and inCoris TZI run with the following program:

Start temperature
Pre drying time Heating-up time
Final temperature
Holding time
Vt. °C  Closing time in min in min °C/min
in °C in Min. 
500  04:00   05:00   80   900  01:00

CEREC Blocs C, CEREC Blocs C PC run with the following program:

Start temperature Pre drying time Heating-up time Temperature Final temperature Holding time
Vt. °C Closing time in min in min °C/min in °C in min
400 04:00 05:00 45 850 01:00