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CEREC Omnicam News

View the latest news for CEREC Omnicam, including new features, tipps, and tricks.


Jun 1, 2017

Shade Detection with CEREC Omnicam


Jun 1, 2017

Open Scan Export


Mar 1, 2015

Digital impressions with CEREC Omnicam can be submitted for therapy with clear aligners (e.g. Invisalign®)

Information on the feature "Shade Detection"

Shade Detection

The feature Shade Detection allows you to analyze the shade of any tooth based on the Omnicam scan. This gives you objective support and more certainty when selecting the suitable restoration shade.

You will find the shade analysis in the analysis tools section:

1. When the model is complete on the screen, open the tab on the bottom left to go to the "Edit model" step.

2. Click on "Analyzing tools" and the "Shade Analysis" field to start the feature.

3. Click on the middle of a tooth with the cursor to analyze its shade. Select the radius in a way that the adjacent teeth are not included and that you do not measure too close to the neck or cutting edge of the tooth. Correct shade analysis is not guaranteed in the gray areas of the model due to insufficient scan information.

See what other users say about the feature "Shade Detection".

Check if your camera can be used for Shade Detection

Yes, your Omnicam can be used for Shade Detection from CEREC SW 4.5.

No, unfortunately your Omnicam cannot be used for Shade Detection.

In case you are interested in this feature, there is the possibility of replacing your Omnicam. Please contact your dealer. Nevertheless, you can use all other features of the CEREC SW 4.5.

The serial number you entered could not be found. Please recheck the number.

Necessary to use the feature: Color calibration

Before the feature “Shade Detection” can be used, the CEREC Omnicam must be color-calibrated at the beginning. The color calibration kit can be purchased from your authorized CEREC dealer (REF number: 66 30 714). In the adjacent video we show you how to perform the color calibration and then use the color analysis.


Please note that the color calibration set
  • has a maximum shelf life of only 2 years. The expiration date can be found on the bottom of the color calibration set case. Due to previous storage, it is possible that its shelf life has decreased to less than two years.
  • can only be used for one year after opening the case. Write the date on which it was opened with a waterresistant pen on the case lid after “Opened on _________” and do not use it again after one year.

After expiration of both periods, the color calibration set should no longer be used.

Export options with CEREC Omnicam

Expanded treatment options thanks to intuitive interfaces

Not least because of the possibility of open scan data export in STL format, the CEREC Omnicam offers you not only the classic chairside workflow but also various export options for more flexibility in working with your CEREC system.


1) Direct communication with your laboratory via Sirona Connect

Scan with CEREC Omnicam
Data transfer via Sirona Connect portal
Production with inLab production units

Your trusted lab technician is directly connected to your CEREC system via the Sirona Connect Internet portal. This spares your patients the discomfort of conventional impressions, even for indications you do not plan on treating in one visit. The Sirona Connect software provides you with everything you need to send impression data, and it comes pre-installed on your CEREC system. Sending data via Sirona Connect is, of course, free of charge.

Register now for the Sirona Connect portal


Design Service for CEREC Users

It does not always have to be the finished restoration that leaves the laboratory. With the digital Design Service laboratories can receive the intraoral data set via the Sirona Connect portal, design the desired work with the inLab software and send the design data set back to the CEREC practice for finalizing. A digital service that can save valuable treatment time in the practice and reward dental know-how


2) External production with the involvement of your dental lab

Scan with CEREC Omnicam
Data transfer via Sirona Connect portal
Design with inLab Software
STL export
Unlimited further processing

3) Open Scan Export

Scan with CEREC Omnicam
STL export
Unlimited further processing

4) CEREC Ortho Workflow

Scan with CEREC Omnicam
Data export with CEREC Ortho Software
Clear aligners (e.g. Invisalign®)

CEREC Ortho Software

  • Guided scanning ensures that the scanning process can be easily delegated – symbols and tones guide you through the scanning process so you always know what needs to be done
  • Fast data export thanks to specially developed software interfaces:
    • MTM Clear Aligner
    • Ideal Smile Aligner
    • Invisalign
    • Clear Correct
  • Available for a fee from your dental dealer (discounted price for CEREC Club members)





Calibration data

The data is only available to CEREC AC users with Omnicam

Unzip the downloaded zip file (example to a stick and copy the two unzipped files (Calibration and CalibRegistry.exe) in any directory of CEREC AC with Omnicam of your choice, e.g.: "C:\Sirona" and start the file:"CalibRegistry.exe" by double-clicking it.
Please enter the ID of your calibration set. Then the calibration reference data for the calibration set on your CEREC AC is ready for calibration of your CEREC Omnicam.

CEREC Omnicam Image Database

In our database you can find images of the CEREC Omnicam for download, which you can integrate, for example, on your website.


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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on CEREC Omnicam

  •  A CEREC Omnicam, which is suitable for shade analysis (you can check this with the Omnicam Check Tool, which can be found within the topic "Shade Detection" on this page)
  • A color calibration set (REF number: 66 30 714)
  • Software version:
    • CEREC Software 4.5.0 or later
    • CEREC Premium Software 4.5.0 or later

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CEREC Omnicam

  • Is powderfree and in color
  • Allows the open export of scan data as well as the submission of digital impressions to manufacturers of Clear Aligners
  •  Easym intuitive and ergonimal scanning


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