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Software 4.5.2
Home CEREC Products CEREC SW 4.5.2

New in CEREC SW 4.5.2

Material Selection

  • Ivoclar Vivadent IPS e.max CAD abutment
  • Telio CAD

In combination with the implant systems:

  • Alphatech*
  • BioHorizons*
  • Dentsply Sirona ANKYLOS C/X*
  • Dentsply Sirona ASTRA Tech Implant System EV and TX*
  • Thommen Medical*


* Pending FDA Approval for the U.S. Market

New in CEREC SW 4.5.1

Bug fixes and stability

Integration of "MIS" TiBases and "Thommen" scan posts*

Separate image catalog for scan posts and TiBases

Reminder to clean the milling chamber after ten dry-milled restorations

Optional uninstallation of 4.4.x software during the installation procedure


*Pending FDA Approval in the U.S. Market

Overview of the key features of the new CEREC SW 4.5:

Intuitive operation

  • Reduction of the number of steps required before production
  • The "Tool" windows are smaller and have been reduced to the necessary functions
  • Simplified processing sequence for creating a virtual model

Intelligent operation

  • Automatic detection of typical restorations for "single-visit" treatment
  • Automatic calculation of the optimal insertion axis
  • Analysis of tooth shade with independent function
  • Improvement of initial proposals with a modified Biojaw algorithm
  • Calculation of next work steps

Increase in quality

  • More detail in the image
  • More realistic visualization of model and restoration
  • Optimized milling and grinding strategies for an improved fit
  • Reduction of required computing power

See what other users think of the new CEREC Software 4.5.

Details of the new features

Shade Detection

The feature Shade Detection allows you to analyze the shade of any tooth based on the Omnicam scan. This gives you objective support and more certainty when selecting the suitable restoration shade.

You will find the shade analysis in the analysis tools section:

1. When the model is complete on the screen, open the tab on the bottom left to go to the "Edit model" step.

2. Click on "Analyzing tools" and the "Shade Analysis" field to start the feature.

3. Click on the middle of a tooth with the cursor to analyze its shade. Select the radius in a way that the adjacent teeth are not included and that you do not measure too close to the neck or cutting edge of the tooth. Correct shade analysis is not guaranteed in the gray areas of the model due to insufficient scan information.

See what other users say about the feature "Shade Detection".

Activating the feature Shade Detection in the software

If shade analysis is not displayed as an analysis tool, the feature may be deactivated. To activate the feature, open the tab at the top to go to configuration. Select your Omnicam from the list of tools there. Click on "Color identification" to activate the feature. In addition, you can choose here between the VITA Classic and VITA 3D color systems here.


For the shade analysis, you need to scan somewhat slower and more precisely than usual because additional information is needed for this feature; i.e. you stay longer on each tooth and vary the distance from the tooth. The gray areas of the model indicate there are insufficient data available for a shade analysis at these sites.

Color calibration

Before the shade analysis can be used, the Omnicam must first be color calibrated. Please note that the color calibration set has a maximum shelf life of only 2 years.  You can obtain the color calibration set from your authorized CEREC dealer.

The first generation of the CEREC Omnicam is not suitable for the shade analysis. The serial number for checking this can be read on the camera after removing the mirror sleeve; the number is found at the top on the lens tube. To test whether your camera is suitable, enter this number into "Omnicam check tool."

Check if your camera can be used for Shade Detection

Yes, your Omnicam can be used for Shade Detection from CEREC SW 4.5.

No, unfortunately your Omnicam cannot be used for Shade Detection.

In case you are interested in this feature, there is the possibility of replacing your Omnicam. Please contact your dealer. Nevertheless, you can use all other features of the CEREC SW 4.5.

The serial number you entered could not be found. Please recheck the number.

CEREC SW Tutorials

Get to know the new features of the CEREC SW 4.5.x with our tutorials!

Open Scan Export

From CEREC Software 4.5.1 the CEREC system is opened up for exporting scan data in STL format. This means that the data from the digital impression can now also be used in software products from other manufacturers. This allows new options for the digitization of your practice.

Milling meso blocks of zirconia, composite, and PMMA

With the option for milling from zirconia meso blocks (inCoris ZI meso), composites (Vita CAD-Temp IS), and PMMA (Ivoclar Vivadent TelioCAD), you will in the future benefit from improved esthetics, optimized clinical durability, and less reworking of your implant prostheses with CEREC.  

For meso blocks of zirconia, milling results in smoother surfaces and edges than grinding and thus reduces reworking with better esthetic results. In addition, dry milling of zirconia is an even faster process, as the 10-minute drying time before sintering is eliminated. In all three material classes, milling results in smaller sprue sizes compared with grinding, which also means shorter reworking times. In addition, milling PMMA and composites reduces deposits of material residue on the instruments, thus resulting in less damage to them.

The "Milling" option can be selected in software versions from CEREC SW 4.5, CEREC Premium SW 4.5, and CEREC Premium CAM 4.5.
The following overview is a summary of the new treatment options of the various meso blocks in CEREC milling and grinding units.

Meso Block
Material CEREC MC
CEREC Zirconia meso*
Zirconia Dry and Wet Milling; Wet Grinding Dry and Wet Milling; Wet Grinding Dry and Wet Milling; Wet Grinding
inCoris ZI meso
Zirconia Dry and Wet Milling; Wet Grinding Dry and Wet Milling; Wet Grinding Dry and Wet Milling; Wet Grinding
Ivoclar Vivadent TelioCAD PMMA Wet Milling; Wet Grinding Wet Milling; Wet Grinding Wet Milling; Wet Grinding
Vita CAD-Temp IS Composite Wet Milling; Wet Grinding Wet Milling; Wet Grinding Wet Milling; Wet Grinding
IPS e.max CAD Lithium Disilicate Wet Grinding Wet Grinding Wet Grinding
Vita ENAMIC IS Hybrid Ceramic Wet Grinding Wet Grinding Wet Grinding

* Pending FDA Approval for U.S. Markets

Optimized milling and grinding strategies

Due to improved processing algorithms for the restoration base and the restoration margin, the CEREC milling and grinding units from CEREC SW 4.5.0 enable an improved fit, especially for complex preparations, thus increase patient safety.

Red and yellow areas were not removed in the old software, which could lead to problems with the fitting.

Bur tables CEREC SW 4.5.x

CEREC SW 4.5.x: CEREC MC XL Premium Package, CEREC MC XL, CEREC MC X 199 kB

Bur table

CEREC SW 4.5.2 CEREC MC 168 kB

Bur table

TiBase/Material Compatibility in CEREC SW 4.5.2, 4.5.1, and 4.5.0

These overviews indicate which combinations of titanium bases and materials can be selected in the CEREC software for various regions.      

Combinations of titanium bases and materials in CEREC software 4.5.2 and CEREC Premium SW 4.5

Graphic Card

To ensure your CEREC system's best performance when working with the CEREC SW 4.5.1, it is important that the correct graphic card driver is installed on your CEREC AC. From CEREC SW 4.5.1, if you receive a message during the first start of the software, you will need to update your graphic card driver. Therefore please download the graphic card driver which matches your graphic card's manufacturer. For more information on the graphic card driver, please see the instructions in the PDF file below.

Check of Graphic Card Driver 197 kB

How to check your graphic card driver

AMD graphic card

Graphic card driver

NVIDIA graphic card 444 MB

Graphic card driver

User's manual

As usual, you will find all features of the new software described for users in detail in our manual.

CEREC SW 4.5.x User's Manual 3 MB

CEREC SW 4.5.x User's Manual (U.S. only) 3 MB

Software download

There are two possibilities for installation: either the direct download of the entire software (~ 3 GB) or an installation file with an initial size of 100 MB. The latter is recommended in case of a lower bandwidth since the download process is continued after interruption.

Please note that both the license code and CEREC software must be available for the software to be used. With CEREC SW 4.5.1 it is possible to skip uninstallation of a version of CEREC SW 4.4.x during the installation. Even so, Dentsply Sirona recommends uninstalling versions of CEREC SW 4.4.x, because lack of storage space on the hard disk can cause the software to malfunction.

Important: Once the download has been completed with the compressed zip file, the file must be extracted. Only then can the Setup.exe and accordingly the installation process be started. Attempting to start the setup from the file before it has been extracted may lead to installation errors.

CEREC Software 4.5.2 555 MB

CEREC SW 4.5.1 Web-Installer 108 MB

CEREC Software 4.5.1 3 GB

CEREC Software 4.5.1 Update Description 200 kB