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Sirona Connect
Software 4.5

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Direct communication with your laboratory

The Sirona Connect software and the Sirona Connect portal simplify the cooperation between dental practice and laboratory. Once registered, both sides communicate directly through the software. The data model is transferred within a few minutes and gives the laboratory an exact picture of the case.

The direct transmission of model data to your lab within a few minutes allows your dental technician to look at the case almost simultaneously with the practice. Thus, a first consultation with your laboratory can already be done while the patient is still in the treatment room. Another advantage over conventional impression methods.

The most important innovations at a glance

Creation of laboratory profiles and customized order information

Shade detection for objective support

Open Scan Export

Improvement and expansion of the implant restoration with new scanbody image catalogs and the option of selecting scanbodies from third-party suppliers

Simplified connection to Atlantis WebOrder

Details of the new features in Sirona Connect 4.5

Laboratory profiles and customized order information

For the first time, laboratories have the possibility to create a personal laboratory profile in the Sirona Connect portal and to display offers for appointments, materials, refinement degrees, special services and others in each individual lab. In this way, Sirona Connect dentists receive an optimal and customer-friendly overview of the performance spectrum and save time when ordering lab applications.

Shade Detection

The feature Shade Detection allows you to analyze the shade of any tooth based on the Omnicam scan. This gives you objective support and more certainty when selecting the suitable restoration shade.

Activating the feature Shade Detection in the software

If shade analysis is not displayed as an analysis tool, the feature may be deactivated. To activate the feature, open the tab at the top to go to configuration. Select your Omnicam from the list of tools there. Click on "Color identification" to activate the feature. In addition, you can choose here between the VITA Classic and VITA 3D color systems here.



For the shade analysis, you need to scan somewhat slower and more precisely than usual because additional information is needed for this feature; i.e. you stay longer on each tooth and vary the distance from the tooth. The gray areas of the model indicate there are insufficient data available for a shade analysis at these sites.


Color calibration

Before the shade analysis can be used, the Omnicam must first be color calibrated. Please note that the color calibration set has a maximum shelf life of only 2 years.  You can obtain the color calibration set from your authorized CEREC dealer.

The first generation of the CEREC Omnicam is not suitable for the shade analysis. The serial number for checking this can be read on the camera after removing the mirror sleeve; the number is found at the top on the lens tube. To test whether your camera is suitable, enter this number into "Omnicam check tool."

Check if your camera can be used for Shade Detection

Yes, your Omnicam can be used for Shade Detection from CEREC SW 4.5.

No, unfortunately your Omnicam cannot be used for Shade Detection.

In case you are interested in this feature, there is the possibility of replacing your Omnicam. Please contact your dealer. Nevertheless, you can use all other features of the CEREC SW 4.5.

The serial number you entered could not be found. Please recheck the number.

Open scan export

From Sirona Connect SW 4.5.0 you can export your scan data in STL format. This means that the data from the digital impression can now also be used in software products from other manufacturers. This allows new options for the digitization of your practice.


With the launch of the Sirona Connect Software 4.5, the license product "Open scan export“ that enables model data from intraoral scans to be exported in STL format is available.  

When you purchase a license from your authorized dealer, you obtain a license code with which you can activate the license in the license manager of the software.

When the license has been successfully activated, the model data of the intraoral scans can be exported from the model phase in standard STL format using the system menu. A single license installation enables the feature in all installed and supported software versions. The contents of the export are model data – no restorations, preparation margin markings, insertion axes, implant positions, or similar CAD data are exported. All AC (Connect), AF (Connect), and AI (Connect) with Omnicam are supported.

Please note: Licenses are not issued automatically, i.e. you must obtain the license code from your dealer.




Improvement and expansion of the implant restoration with new scanbody image catalogs and the option of selecting scanbodies from third-party suppliers

In order to improve the workflow when providing patients with implants, Sirona Connect SW 4.5 includes the new scanbody UJ and scanbody LJ image catalogs. In the scanning phase, the UJ, LJ and buccal bite registration are now scanned without scanbody. Jaw scans with scanbody are subsequently scanned in the dedicated scanbody image catalogs. With Sirona Connect SW 4.5, it is now possible to select a scanbody from a third party, in addition to scanbodies and scanposts from Sirona. With this selection, the "pick scanbody" step is omitted, which offers the practitioner greater freedom during the treatment process.

Simplified connection to Atlantis® WebOrder

The Sirona Connect SW version 4.5 simplifies the connection to Atlantis WebOrder. In the Sirona Connect portal, a Sirona Connect customer account can be linked to the Atlantis WebOrder customer account. This greatly simplifies the ordering process as the scan data can be sent directly to Atlantis. In this process, order information is transferred directly from the Sirona Connect SW 4.5 to the Atlantis order form.


Sirona Connect SW Tutorials

Get to know the new features of Sirona Connect SW 4.5 with our tutorials!

Operator's manual

Operator's Manual Sirona Connect SW 4.5.x 2 MB

Software download

Important information: Software Version 4.5 is currently not available for customers in Japan, Korea, Brazil and the Philippines. The approval for these countries will follow shortly.


Sirona Connect SW 4.5 699 MB

Update Description Sirona Connect SW 4.5

Frequently asked questions on Sirona Connect SW 4.5

For Sirona Connect SW 4.5, the following requirements must be met:

  1. LQ hardware or higher is required. LQ was delivered as of June 2011.
  2. The PC must be equipped with 16 GB of RAM.

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