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Home Products CEREC Intraoral Scanners


View the latest news for Intraoral Scanners, including new features, tipps and tricks.

Autoclavable sleeve for Primescan and sterilizer


Feb 26, 2021

Now available: Autoclavable Sleeve for CEREC Primescan

Cover Prime Collection - Clinical Cases


Feb 15, 2021

Prime Collection - Clinical Cases

Dentist taking digital impression with Primescan


Jun 21, 2020

New content for CEREC Primescan Hygiene Concept, flyer and tutorial

CEREC Primemill, CEREC Primescan, CEREC SpeedFire, Hub


Jun 16, 2020

New brochure: CEREC Network Operation Recommendations. Now available in Spanish and French!

CEREC Primescan


Feb 4, 2019


Software Generation 5


Oct 7, 2019

Software Generation 5

CEREC 5.1 Design Phase, move


Oct 7, 2019

CEREC Software 5.1

Connect SW 5.1, Scan


Oct 7, 2019

Connect Software 5.1

Primescan. Enjoy the scan.

CEREC Primescan

Your advantages with CEREC Primescan

Digital impressions with CEREC Primescan deliver optimum results. The scanner will impress you with outstanding performance as it creates 3D models in photo-realistic and unsurpassed resolution that is immeadiately obvious - to you and your patients.

High level of hygiene

Versatile hygiene options, both for the Acquisition Center and the intraoral scanner. Choose among a variety of three different sleeves – including autoclavable and disposable sleeves

High accuracy

The sensors ensure ultra high resolution and model data density. You can even scan deep cavities and steep inclines

Increased usability

Easy scanning of all dental materials and hard to access areas: The increased field of view visualizes larger areas with less sweeps and immediate precision

Unparalled speed

Intelligent processing inside CEREC Primescan ensures optimum interaction with the software. Complete 3D-scan models are displayed immediately, no matter how fast you scan

The new acquisition center

Smart features and greater comfort: intuitive use via movable 16:9 touchscreen and touchpad for perfect ergonomics

Prime Collection - Clinical Cases

Watch our collection of clinical cases. Experience how this smart technology can support you in your work to make the treatment experience for your patients better, safer and faster.

Prime Collection - Clinical Cases

CEREC Primescan

The features


With our versatile hygiene options, you can always count on optimal infection control.

CEREC Primescan - Now available with autoclavable sleeve

How to replace the autoclavable sleeve

The autoclavable sleeve offers higher hygiene standards and more patient safety while keeping the established autoclave sterilization process in the dental practice.

Various hygiene protection sleeves

With three different sleeve options, it has never been so easy and hygienic to take digital impressions. The sleeves all offer the same scan experience. CEREC Primescan has the right option for the fulfillment of your own hygiene needs or any regulatory requirements.

Stainless steel sleeve with sapphire glass window for Primescan, multiple use

Stainless steel sleeve with sapphire glass window

For multiple use

Extensive reprocessing:

  • Wipe disinfection
  • High-level-disinfection
  • Dry-heat sterilization
Disposable sleeve for CEREC Primescan/Primescan

Disposable sleeve

For single use

Stainless steel sleeve for Primescan/CEREC Primescan, autoclavable, disposable window

Stainless steel sleeve with disposable window

To allow autoclavability

The ability to choose from a variety of reprocessing methods with Primescan is an important benefit of the system.

Dr. Daniel Aniol | Dentist

CEREC Primescan Autoclavable Sleeve - Quick Reference Guide

More information regarding the use of the autoclavable sleeve and the sterilization process in our Quick Reference Guide.

Primescan Autoclavable Sleeve - Quick Reference Guide

Tutorial: Primescan - Using and processing the autoclavable sleeve

Everyday hygiene you can trust

Exceeding hygiene requirements while keeping highest scan quality was a core element of the Primescan development.

With our versatile hygiene options, you can count on optimal infection control, both with the intraoral scanner as well as with the Acquisition Center.


CEREC Primescan – the intraoral scanner for highest demands

  • Comfortable digital impressions without risk of contaminated impression trays
  • Comprehensive hygiene concept with a choice of sleeves
  • Only intraoral scanner to provide a variety of cleaning and disinfection options, exceeding minimum recommended guidelines.
  • Fully closed scanning window to prevent liquid infiltration during the scanning process
Primescan AC

The Acquisition Center – a medical device without compromises

  • Modern hardware design with smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces 
  • Touch interface ensures higher hygiene standard compared to a traditional keyboard 
  • Medical device approved for use in patient vicinity

From the hygienic point of view, what personally convinces me most about Primescan is the closed scanning window. There is no way to get saliva into niches which are difficult to disinfect.

Dr. Verena Freier, Dentist

CEREC Primescan Hygiene Flyer

Download our Primescan Hygiene Flyer here to find all information regarding the hygiene concept.

Stickout Flyer Primescan Hygiene Flyer

Tutorial: Primescan Hygiene Concept

Whatch every step of the CEREC Primescan Hygiene Concept in detail.


Outstanding full-jaw accuracy offers the potential to digitize many more indications in the future.

Accuracy is what I want. And Primescan is my answer.

Martin Wohanka, Hardware Engineer

Graphics: Effect of Smart Pixel Sensor

The new CEREC Primescan doesn’t give just one new point of view, but one million:

The innovative Smart Pixel Sensor processes more than 1,000,000 3D points per second, producing photorealistic and highly accurate data. In certain aspects, CEREC Primescan was viewed as the most accurate among the tested intraoral scanners that were compared in an in-vitro study*.

Its dynamic depth scan technology enables perfect sharpness and outstanding precision, even at a measuring depth up to 20 mm – an absolute advantage for deeper-lying indications.

What you see is what you get:
Due to CEREC Primescan’s ability to scan at an incredible data density, it delivers complete 3D structures of everything in its field of view – right from the very first scan.

* Ender et al, Accuracy of complete- and partial-arch impressions of actual intraoral scanning systems in-vitro, Int J Comput Dent 2019; 22(1); 11- 19; in the peer group of intraoral scanners, which did not cover several systems commercially available today, Primescan showed the best median and mean values across complete arch, anterior and posterior segments, few statistical limitations apply

Study Overview

This asset provides an overview of the latest studies on the accuracy of CEREC Primescan.

Study Overview


Prompt results are my ambition. And Primescan is my answer.

Dr. Teena Steger, Software Developer

Accelerate the process: CEREC Primescan’s unique technology allows for easy capturing and quicker processing of more data in higher resolution. Intelligent processing in  Primescan ensures the optimal interaction with the software by transmitting exactly the data the software needs to proceed. The result: Complete 3D-scan models are displayed immediately, no matter how fast you scan.

Enhance your connectivity: Thanks to seamless, validated and open data transfer options, laboratories and other partners receive high-resolution models in an instant. With  CEREC Primescan, you benefit from the freedom to make the best choice of workflows for you and your patients.


Usability is my goal. And Primescan is my answer.

Florian Sobirey, UX Designer

Freedom of scanning with CEREC Primescan

Enjoy the freedom of scanning:
CERE Primescan allows you to start scanning right away. It offers continuously self-heating for fog-free scanning – which means you’re always ready to go. Steep angles? Hard-to-access areas? Shiny materials? An easy job for Primescan.

Thanks to the increased field of view, you’ll be able to visualize larger areas with less sweeps and with immediate precision. The excellent scan results are instantly displayed on the touchscreen of the new Acquisition Center.

Surfaces of the following materials can be captured without coating:

  • Enamel and dentin, dry, wet, coated with blood
  • Oral soft tissue
  • Composite restorative materials
  • Ceramic restorative materials, polished
  • Metal such as gold, titanium, amalgam


CEREC Primescan and CEREC Omnicam

The comparison

Table: CEREC Primescan and CEREC Omnicam compared

*   Depending on experience and routine with the system
** Only applicable for autoclave sleeve

The new Acquisition Center

Benefit from all-around satisfaction

Along with the high-performance intraoral scanner comes the new Acquisition Center.

Together, they form a highly effective and most comfortable system – meeting your needs with two individual software configurations:

Primescan AC with Connect Software

Supports your connection to established partners workflows

CEREC Primescan AC with CEREC Software

Supports full chairside workflows for single-visit dentistry

Advantages of the new Acquisition Center

The new Acquisition Center comes with a touch pad and a 16:9 wide-format movable touchscreen, offering you a highly intuitive and ergonomic work platform.


Designed for peace of mind in terms of hygiene - closed surfaces enable fast and easy disinfection

Touch screen & Touch pad

For the most comfortable, intuitive use with familiar gesture commands


Perfect ergonomic positioning options for touch screen

Mobility Concept

Full mobility without losing power or case files thanks to 60-minute battery buffer

Single-visit Dentistry

The new Acquisition Center with CEREC Software supports full chairside workflows for single-visit dentistry.

The new Acquisition Center

The features

CEREC Primescan AC

Hygiene: A medical device without compromises

  • Modern hardware design with smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces 
  • Touch interface ensures higher hygiene standard compared to a traditional keyboard 
  • Medical device approved for use in patient vicinity

Intuitive touch screen with anti-reflection

This enables you a natural and intuitive software operation with gesture support.

Gesture control encludes all Windows 10 gestures.

Dentist taking digital impression with Primescan

Kinematics for flexibility

You can select the ergonomically optimum monitor position according to the individual treatment situation and process progress.

Cable holder, optimized handle

Improved ergonomics during transport and more freedom with the cable holder on the back for hassle-free mobility.

Smooth surface, very few gaps

make it easy to clean and disinfect the acquisition center.

CEREC Primescan AC and Primescan AC - The differences

CEREC Primescan AC with CEREC Software:

  • Supports full chairside workflows for single-visit dentistry
  • Flexible data export options
  • Automatized workflow thanks to Artifical Intelligence
  • Touch-enabled and intuitive user interface


Primescan AC with Connect Software:

  • Supports data transfer options to your preferred partners
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer through Connect Case Center Inbox
  • Easy upgradability to full chairside workflow
  • Touch-enabled and intuitive user interface


Primescan Brochure

Download our Primescan brochure here to find all the facts, features and the solution that suit your practice workflow needs.


Information on the feature "Shade Detection"

Shade Detection

The feature Shade Detection allows you to analyze the shade of any tooth based on the Omnicam scan. This gives you objective support and more certainty when selecting the suitable restoration shade.

You will find the shade analysis in the analysis tools section:

1. When the model is complete on the screen, open the tab on the bottom left to go to the "Edit model" step.

2. Click on "Analyzing tools" and the "Shade Analysis" field to start the feature.

3. Click on the middle of a tooth with the cursor to analyze its shade. Select the radius in a way that the adjacent teeth are not included and that you do not measure too close to the neck or cutting edge of the tooth. Correct shade analysis is not guaranteed in the gray areas of the model due to insufficient scan information.

See what other users say about the feature "Shade Detection".

Activating the feature Shade Detection in the software

If shade analysis is not displayed as an analysis tool, the feature may be deactivated. To activate the feature, open the tab at the top to go to configuration. Select your Omnicam from the list of tools there. Click on "Color identification" to activate the feature. In addition, you can choose here between the VITA Classic and VITA 3D color systems here.


For the shade analysis, you need to scan somewhat slower and more precisely than usual because additional information is needed for this feature; i.e. you stay longer on each tooth and vary the distance from the tooth. The gray areas of the model indicate there are insufficient data available for a shade analysis at these sites.

Color calibration

Before the shade analysis can be used, the Omnicam must first be color calibrated. Please note that the color calibration set has a maximum shelf life of only 2 years.  You can obtain the color calibration set from your authorized CEREC dealer.

The first generation of the CEREC Omnicam is not suitable for the shade analysis. The serial number for checking this can be read on the camera after removing the mirror sleeve; the number is found at the top on the lens tube. To test whether your camera is suitable, enter this number into "Omnicam check tool."

Check if your camera can be used for Shade Detection

Yes, your Omnicam can be used for Shade Detection from CEREC SW 4.5.

No, unfortunately your Omnicam cannot be used for Shade Detection.

In case you are interested in this feature, there is the possibility of replacing your Omnicam. Please contact your dealer. Nevertheless, you can use all other features of the CEREC SW 4.5.

The serial number you entered could not be found. Please recheck the number.

Necessary to use the feature: Color calibration

Before the feature “Shade Detection” can be used, the Omnicam must be color-calibrated at the beginning. The color calibration kit can be purchased from your authorized CEREC dealer (REF number: 66 30 714). In the adjacent video we show you how to perform the color calibration and then use the color analysis.


Please note that the color calibration set
  • has a maximum shelf life of only 2 years. The expiration date can be found on the bottom of the color calibration set case. Due to previous storage, it is possible that its shelf life has decreased to less than two years.
  • can only be used for one year after opening the case. Write the date on which it was opened with a waterresistant pen on the case lid after “Opened on _________” and do not use it again after one year.

After expiration of both periods, the color calibration set should no longer be used.

Calibration Data

The data is only available to CEREC AC users with Omnicam Unzip the downloaded zip file (example to a stick and copy the two unzipped files (Calibration and CalibRegistry.exe) in any directory of CEREC AC with Omnicam of your choice, e.g.: "C:\Sirona" and start the file:"CalibRegistry.exe" by double-clicking it. Please enter the ID of your calibration set. Then the calibration reference data for the calibration set on your CEREC AC is ready for calibration of your CEREC Omnicam.

Omnicam Calibration Data May 31, 2016 , 22 MB

Export options with Primescan and Omnicam

Expanded treatment options thanks to intuitive interfaces

Not least because of the possibility of open scan data export in STL format, our intraoral scanners offer you not only the classic chairside workflow but also various export options for more flexibility in working with your CEREC system.

1) Direct communication with your dental lab

Scan. Check. Send.
Receive and transmit data via the Connect Case Center.
Design with inLab SW, produce with inLab or other CAD/CAM production units and finalize.

Your trusted lab technician is directly connected to your CEREC system via the the Connect Case Center Internet portal. This spares your patients the discomfort of conventional i