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Digital Sleep Appliance treatment.
With Primescan

Home Products Digital Sleep Appliance Treatment

Digital Sleep Appliance treatment with Primescan

Primescan is already the starting point for almost all relevant workflows in the dental practice. With the sleep appliance sector, Dentsply Sirona is now expanding Primescan's range of applications in a growing market. Worldwide, 3.6 billion people are affected.

Thanks to the collaboration between Dentsply Sirona and Panthera Dental, you can now use the precise scans in a validated workflow as the basis for tailor-made sleep appliances: the Panthera Digital Sleep Apnea Device (D-SAD). This gives you the opportunity for additional added value in your practice.

Three solutions are recommended for snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) treatment

Woman practicing Yoga

Lifestyle modifications

  • Lose weight
  • Do sports
  • Stop smoking
Patient wearing CPAP mask

Continuous Positive Airway Pressures (CPAP Masks)

  • Severe compliance issues
  • 50% non compliance rate after 6 months1
  • 83% non compliance rate after 5 years1
1 Efficacy vs Effectiveness: CPAP and Oral Appliances. Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine. Vol. 2, No. 4, 2015. K Sutherland, PhD; C L. Phillips, PhD



Mandibular Adhancement Devices (MAD)

  • Delivered by dentists
  • The MAD holds the lower jaw (protrusion) and tongue forward making more space to breathe
  • Strong treatment compliance (86%2)
  • For mild to moderate cases, alternatively for severe cases
    non-compliant to CPAP
2 Oral appliance in sleep apnea treatment: respiratory and clinical effects and long-term adherence. Patrick Bachour & Adel Bachour & Al

Functionality of Mandibular Adhancement Devices (MADs)



Collapse of the tongue and soft tissues, that leads to a partial obstruction of the upper airway.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Collapse of the tongue and soft tissues that leads to a complete obstruction of the upper airway, causing temporary lapses in breath. Patients repeatedly stop breathing for more than 10 seconds. This may happen more than 30 times per hour.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) D-SAD

Mandibular Adhancement Device (MAD)

An MAD is an oral appliance that protrudes the lower jaw in a forward position to open the airway and prevent it from becoming obstructed during sleep. It is designed to aid in opening up the space behind the tongue and increase the tension of relaxed soft tissues to help reduce snoring and decrease the number of sleep apnea events that may disturb the physiological sleep cycle.

The validated workflow step by step

Zahnarzt nimmt digitalen Abdruck an Patientin


Primescan is the ideal starting point for a fully digital workflow.

Take the full arch scan in less than one minute and the protrusive bite registration with George Gauge in our Connect SW.



Use the Connect Case Center to send the scan data to our recommended partner Panthera* Dental or another partner of your choice.

Panthera Dental appliances are cutting-edge Digital Sleep Apnea Devices (D-SAD) made out of medical grade nylon – a material of superior quality and outstanding intraoral haptics.

*Country availability may vary.

Schlafendes Paar


Each device is individually designed for your patient based on your Primescan data.

Thanks to the CAD/CAM technology of our recommended partner Panthera Dental, you will receive a custom-made device that fits perfectly, allowing your patients to enjoy considerable improvements in their quality of life.

Clinical case

This clinical case was provided to us by Dr. Bernhild Elke Stamnitz from Langen, Germany.

Administrationsphase Connect SW

Administration phase Connect SW

  • During the administration phase, the patient case is created. The patient’s first and last name, the patient ID and the full name of the treating dentist must be entered. Later, the identical data are used in the order form of Panthera Dental to ensure a clear assignment of the case in the ordering process.
  • The indication Jaw Scan is selected and the option Impression is enabled.



Acquisition phase Connect SW

  • Three scans are performed. Both the scans “lower jaw” and “upper jaw” are full arch scans. A bite registration is needed for the scan of the buccal image catalog.
  • For this patient case,  a George Gauge bite fork was used. Alternatively, the registration can be performed with bite registration material only.
George Gauge with different forks

Scan of the protrusive bite

A George Gauge is used to take the protrusive bite.

  • The protrusive bite makes it possible to determine the appropriate position for the start of the treatment.
  • There is scientific agreement that treatment is effective for the majority of patients at 70% of the maximum protrusion.
  • The patient bites on the material applied to the bite fork in a protrusive position. The bite block height should be at least 4 mm in the molar range. Then, with the help of the prepared bite fork, re-enter the patient into the protrusion and perform a one-sided scan.


Bestellformular in Connect SW

Order form Connect SW

  • The order form includes, amongst others, the patient's gender and the form of insurance.
  • Panthera Dental is selected as the recipient.
  • The order can then either be submitted immediately or placed in the shopping cart to submit it later on.
Bestellung Schnarcherschine bei Panthera Dental

Selection of the sleep appliance D-SAD on Panthera Dental

After switching to the Panthera Dental website and logging in via the user name, the D-SAD sleep advice is selected under the product category "Sleep".

Eingabe der Patientendaten bei Panthera Dental

Entering the patient data

The order form stores the same patient data as in the Connect Case Center Portal, as well as the full name of the practitioner. This ensures the correct assignment of the scan data. 

Wahl der Scandatenübermittlung bei Panthera Dental

Choosing the type of scan data transmission

  • After answering a number of detailed technical questions regarding the patient's bite and the sleep advice, this step selects the way in which the scan data is transmitted to Panthera Dental.  
  • In the case of intraoral scan data collected with Primescan using Connect SW, the "Intraoral scanner inbox" option is selected.
  • After re-checking the information, additional comments may be left on request. The order is then triggered.

You can see all the individual steps in detail in our tutorial Connect SW 5 Validated workflow with Connect SW to order sleep apnea devices.

Tutorials for Connect and Digital Sleep Appliance Treatment

Learn more about Connect and the validated workflow for digital sleep appliance treatment with Primescan with our tutorials.

Panthera Dental sleep apnea devices

Panthera Dental’s CAD CAM and 3D printed Digital Sleep Apnea Device (D-SAD) is made out of 100% medical grade biocompatible nylon. This cutting-edge material is light, smooth, strong yet flexible, very durable and resistant to bruxism. A wide range of plateaus and bands are available and allow for over 300 standard design combinations as well as maximized tongue space. Additional customization is possible, and the D-SAD can be adapted to every possible patient morphology, from basic to the most complex.

Find out more about sleep apnea devices by Panthera Dental.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on the Digital Sleep Appliance Treatment with Primescan

The manufacturing and shipping will take about 15 days.

Panthera currently supports English and French. More languages will be added over time.

The Panthera D-SAD is currently available in Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France, BeNeLux, Australia
and New Zealand.

Additional countries will be added

You can also log in to your account and upload STL files there to order a D-SAD. We
recommend using the Connect Portal to ensure a GDPR and HIPPA compliant way to send the scans.

We recommend using the Jaw scan > Impressions that must be taken: Upper and lower jaw and one
buccal bite.

It is possible to order a Panthera sleep device on the basis of an Omnicam scan, but this workflow is not validated by Dentsply Sirona and Panthera. If the scan quality fits the Panthera requirement, the order will be accepted.

In this case, we suggest guided scanning using Omnicam.

Besides Primescan no additional equipment is needed. This is one of the advantages of the workflow with Panthera: It is sufficient to scan the patient's entire jaw and register the bite for the protrusion. After that, the scan data can be sent directly to Panthera Dental – either via the Connect Case Center or via STL file. Within 15 days, the D-SAD is designed and manufactured by Panthera Dental's own CAD/CAM process. The dentist receives a custom-made sleeping device and can start treatment immediately.

Yes, with one of our next software releases we will support an integrated solution so that you
can order the D-SAD without leaving the Connect Case Center Portal.

Please contact the Panthera Dental Customer Service directly:

Toll free US/Canada: +1 (855) 233 0388

International: +1 (418) 527 0388