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CEREC Implantology

Home Products CEREC Implantology

Dentsply Sirona Digital Implant Workflow

From data capturing, planning and guided surgery to the final restorative solution, with the digital implant workflow from Dentsply Sirona you have all the support you need to save time, grow your business and provide your patients with the best possible care. At each step of the workflow, Dentsply Sirona gives you the possibility to freely choose what fits your needs best. For better, safer and faster implant treatment.


Sep 1, 2018

CEREC Guide 3

Sep 1, 2018

CEREC Software 4.6.1

Jun 1, 2018

CEREC Software 4.6

Guided Surgery with CEREC

CEREC Guide 3

It is now, for the first time, possible to mill guides for Dentsply Sironas implant systems Ankylos, AstraTech and XiVE directly in your clinic. For fully guided surgery and implant placement.

CEREC Guide 2

Integrated implantology with CEREC Guide 2 enables you to surgically plan implants and implement the plan precisely using a surgical guide in a fast and cost-effective way.

CEREC Guide 3

Let us guide you to the perfect position

CEREC Guide 3 enables you to place the premium implant systems Ankylos, Astra Tech Implant System EV and Xive, from Dentsply Sirona Implants fully guided.

This means all surgical steps from soft-tissue punch to implant insertion, are performed with the guide in place.

Thereby, CEREC Guide 3 can be fast and easily produced in your practice within less than an hour, and at a very low cost.

The CEREC Guide 3 workflow

Digital Implant Workflow with Primescan

CEREC Guide 3 Workflow video

Further information on CEREC Guide 3

Implant systems that are compatible with CEREC Guide 3

  • Ankylos
  • Astra Tech Implant System EV
  • Xive

Optical Impression

  • CEREC AC Omnicam with CEREC SW 4.3.1 or higher (only for optical impression and prosthetic design; guide design requires CEREC SW 4.6.1) and OPEN GALILEOS Implant License
  • inEos X5 with inLab SW 15.0 or higher (only for optical impression and prosthetic design; guide design requires CEREC SW 4.6.1)


CBCT + Implant Planning

  • Sidexis XG or Sidexis 4
  • Galaxis 1.9.2
  • GALILEOS Implant V1.9.2 incl. license dongle
  • NEW: Galileos Implant Data Base Version 1.9.6679.26375 vom 17.04.2018


Guide Design and Manufacturing

  • CEREC SW 4.6.1 with OPEN GALILEOS Implant License
  • CEREC MC X or CEREC MC XL (milling)

Please note:

  • Design and manufacturing of CEREC Guide 3 is not yet possible with inLab
  • Guide design cannot be exported as STL file



The following consumables are needed for the production of CEREC Guide 3:

  • CEREC Guide Bloc maxi (for CEREC MC XL) or medi (for CEREC MC X)
  • Finisher 10 and Shaper 25 RZ
  • Guide Sleeve for the respective implant system
  • Calibra Universal Self Adhesive Resin Cement

CEREC Guide 3 and Dentsply Sirona Digital Implant Workflow


Order form for CEREC Guides

Order form for CEREC Guides

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CEREC Guide 2

You are interested in guided surgery with CEREC, but are using a different major implant system? CEREC Guide 2 can be produced fast and inexpensive within your practice using Galileos Implant SW, CEREC SW and a CEREC milling unit.

Implant systems that are compatible with CEREC Guide 2:

  • Astra Tech Facilitate® (for Astra Tech Implant System Osseospeed TX implants)
  • Straumann® Guided Surgery Kit
  • Branemark® System Guided Surgery Kit
  • NobelReplace® Straight Guided Surgery Kit
  • NobelActive® Guided Surgery Kit (drills for WP and 6.0 implants are not supported)
  • Biomet 3i Navigator® (parallel walled implants only)
  • Camlog® Guide System (for Camlog Scew-Line and Conelog Implants, not for 3.3 mm implants)


Optical Impression

  • CEREC AC Omnicam, Bluecam or Apollo DI with CEREC SW 4.3.1 or higher and open GALILEOS Implant license (only for optical impression and prosthetic design; full workflow, including milling, with CEREC SW 4.4 or higher)
  • inEos X5  with inLab SW 4.3 or higher and open GALLEOS Implant licence (only dor optical impression and prosthetic design; full workflow, including milling, with inLab SW 15.0 basic + implantology module)

CBCT + Implant Planning

  • Sidexis XG or Sidexis 4
  • Galaxis 1.9.2
  • GALILEOS Implant V 1.9.2


  • CEREC MC XL Premium Package
  • inLab MC X5

Please note: Units require the ability to mill (not grind).

  • CEREC Guide Blocs medi (CEREC MC X), CEREC Guide Blocs  maxi (CEREC MC XL)
  • Finisher 10 (CEREC MC X, CEREC MC XL)
  • Shaper 25 RZ (CEREC MC X, CEREC MC XL)

Order form for CEREC Guides

Order form for CEREC Guides

Implant Prosthetics with CEREC  

CEREC Zirconia meso

For screw-retained zirconia crowns in a single visit

  • Fully anatomical zirconia guarantees high strength without the risk of chipping
  • Kind to the gingiva thanks to the highest degree of biocompatibility and extraoral adhesion – thereby avoiding irritation or even inflammation of the mucous membrane
  • Precise fit and correct occlusion due to enlarged milling and subsequent dense sintering

inCoris ZI meso

For customized zirconia abutments in a single visit

  • Improved apposition on the gingiva
  • Veneering with individual crown made of e.g. Celtra Duo or CEREC Blocs C PC
  • Fits on all TiBase

Celtra Duo and CEREC Blocs C PC

Perfect solutions for implant based crowns

  • Proven high strength regardless of processing pathway
  • Lifelike esthetics
  • Excellent shade matchingPlease define text


CEREC TiBase - the perfect connection

  • Basis for two-part customized abutments
  • Available for different implant systems and diameters
  • Provided in a set complete with an abutment screw

Order forms for materials, TiBase and accessories

Order form for CEREC Zirconia and CEREC Zirconia meso Blocs and Consumables

Order form/Bestellformular inCoris ZI + ZI meso

Order form / Bestellformular CEREC Blocs C and CEREC Blocs C PC

Order form TiBase, Abutment Screw, ScanPost


Combinations of titanium bases and materials in CEREC software 4.6 and CEREC Premium SW 4.5

Combinations of titanium bases and materials in CEREC software 4.5.2 and CEREC Premium SW 4.5

Combinations of titanium bases and materials in the CEREC software 4.5.1

Combinations of titanium bases and materials in the CEREC software 4.5.0

Implantology with CEREC Software 4.6 

Quick Start Guide: Implant Prosthetics in CEREC Software 4.6

This short step-by-step manual guides you through the whole workflow for designing a restorative solution with CEREC Software 4.6.

FAQs on Implantology with CEREC

FAQs on CEREC Guide 3

The following Implant systems can be chosen:
  • AstraTech Implant System EV
  • XiVE
  • Ankylos 

Only Implant sizes, of which a sleeve of the guided system is available, can be chosen. This is indicated by the sleeve symbols.

For choosing AstraTech Implant System EV, select AstraTech EV Guided Surgery in the 'Current plan's properties' menu.

For XiVE and Ankylos, select DENTSPLY Friadent ExpertEase.

No, the D1/D2 value is fixed and cannot be changed for guide sleeve of CEREC Guide 3.

Yes. The implant planning is done with guided sleeve system. Please make sure that a minimum distance of 0,5 mm is given between the outer sleeve and the neighboring teeth to ennsure stable sleeve  support for CEREC Guide 3.

No, the export option is not available yet.

The sleeve must be changed to CEREC Guide Drill Keys (CEREC Guide 2) in order to activate export. 

Then, change D1 value to an arbitrary number (e.g. 0,1 mm) to enable export options.

Please note: This is only a workaround and will be disregarded by  the CEREC Software for CEREC Guide 3.

Import planning data (CMG.DXD) into CEREC 4.6.1. to design CEREC Guide 3 (drag & drop).

CEREC Guide 3 is automatically detected and sleeve is shown with guide support. Minimum material of 0,5 mm must be given for sleeve support. Otherwise, a user notification is shown and user must update implant planning and must import planning results again.

Frequently asked questions on CEREC Zirconia meso

No. CEREC Zirconia meso cannot be used for classical meso abutments. Instead, we recommend using inCoris ZI meso. However, CEREC Zirconia meso can be reduced and veneered for esthetic anterior solutions.  

All TiBase sold by Dentsply Sirona are selectable in the software and can thus be used with the block. Titanium bases sold directly by the implant manufacturer such as Camlog, M.I.S and Straumann can not be used with CEREC Zirconia meso at the moment, but the integration is in process. Please see the overview for your respective country under the point "Appropriate implant systems for CEREC Zirconia meso".

Yes, it is planned to additionally offer a bleach shade, which can then be dyed with inCoris TZI Coloring Liquids in all 16 colors.

We recommend sealing the screw channel using the ceramic composite Ceram.X universal duo according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can find a color recommendation per block shade in the manual for CEREC Zirconia meso.


Yes, it is possible to reduce the abutment crown in the software and to veneer it with a suitable veneering ceramic according to the WAK value. Cercon® Ceram Kiss is recommended.

Yes, the products CEREC SpeedGlaze and the Celtra Universal Stains & Glaze are suitable for staining and glazing.

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