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CEREC Ortho Model segmentation


Mar 20, 2020

CEREC Ortho SW Update 2.0.1

CEREC Ortho Software 2 - Scan, analysis and consultation

With Primescan and CEREC Ortho, you take a digital scan of your patient and perform the integrated model analysis within minutes. Then you can show your patient a possible outcome of the treatment - all in one session. 

Overview of the benefits

Fast and accurate scans - more comfort for your patients

Model analysis included in CEREC Ortho Software - supports fast and easy diagnosis

Integrated treatment simulation for simplified patient communication

CEREC Ortho Software can be installed on a PC - Primescan ist available for new impressions

Various digital workflows - internal processing or sending to external service providers

Seamless Dentsply Sirona workflow with SureSmile®

Digital workflows with CEREC Ortho


Export of digital models via STL format

  • Maximum flexibility
  • for local data processing
  • for transfer to a service provider


  • Versatile data formats
  • Validated processes
  • Secure transmission channels


  • Be on the safe side with our pure Dentsply Sirona workflows
  • Benefit from seamless interfaces
  • Get everything from one single source
CEREC Ortho, extermal partners

Working with digital models

CEREC Ortho digital model

Add a base to your models

  • Enables digital storage of your models
  • Just select the desired base shape and adjust dimensions
  • Patient name and scan date are automatically engraved
  • Eliminates need for physical models
  • May easily be delegeted to your assistant
CEREC Ortho Model segmentation

Model segmentation

  • Separate the teeth individually from the overall model
  • You - or your assistant - simply mark teeth with one click
  • The software automatically recognizes the teeth and segments them accordingly

Model analysis

Benefit from our many years of experience in digital dentistry and perform a comprehensive model analysis in no time. The artificial intelligence automatically finds anatomical landmarks and measuring points.

Measurement of distance between teeth

You receive information on:

  • Angle class
  • Bolton index
  • Overjet
  • Overbite
  • Transversal distances
  • Nance space analysis
  • Symmetry
Measurement of tooth sizes

Patient consultation with visual support

CEREC Ortho Software automatically aligns teeth and displays a possible result that you can manually adjust, including simulating extractions.

Single tooth movement with CEREC Ortho
  • Show your patients a plan for their treatment
  • With their own dentition
Before and after comparison with CEREC Ortho
  • Through an organized interactive presentation
  • No plasic models or other patients' cases

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on CEREC Ortho SW 2.0

Yes, the CEREC Ortho SW runs on a PC. The PC must meet the necessary system requirements:

  • Operation system: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-9600KF or higher
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Graphics card: AMD Pulse Radeon RX 570 or higher
  • Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

A USB license drive is also required.

Yes, but with restrictions: Omnicam scans can only be loaded into the CEREC Ortho SW if they have been acquired by using Guided Scanning. Primescan does not have this limitation.

In addition, the scans must be exported as DXD files (RST cannot be loaded) or, in the case of Primescan, synchronized with Hub.

Although this is not required, we recommend to follow the scan protocol for Omnicam described in the manual.

No, Omnicam remains validated even after the Windows 10 update.

Though the SureSmile software is cloud-based and available in many regions, the availability of physical products differs.

Yes, this is possible. Using the software applications SureSmile Ortho or SureSmile Advanced and a digital model provided by SureSmile's Digital Lab, practitioners can make their own treatment plans and manufacture aligners in their own laboratory.

But further workflows are possible: For example, case planning by SureSmile and manual production in one's own practice. Or the delivery of the printed models and only the thermoforming in the doctor's own lab.

Dentsply Sirona recommends starting with a few full-service cases to get used to the software.

Operator's Manual

Operator's Manual - CEREC Ortho Software 2.0

Downloads for CEREC Ortho SW 2.0.1

CEREC Ortho SW 2.0.1 Setup 940 MB

Update Description CEREC Ortho SW 2.0.1 783 kB

Update description in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian

Further software downloads


CEREC Ortho SW 2.0.1 Setup 940 MB

Update Description CEREC Ortho SW 2.0.1 783 kB

CEREC Ortho SW 2.0 - Software 953 MB

CEREC Ortho SW 2.0 - Update Description 652 kB

CEREC Ortho SW 1.2.1 - Software 846 MB

Service Pack CEREC Ortho SW 1.2.1 – Update Description 255 kB

CEREC Ortho SW 1.2 – Software 864 MB

Service Pack CEREC Ortho SW 1.2 – Update Description 416 kB

Service Pack CEREC Ortho SW 1.1.2 - Software July 10, 2016 , 670 MB

Service Pack CEREC Ortho SW 1.1.2 – Update Description July 10, 2016 , 65 kB

The use of a graphic card driver is necessary for ensuring an optimal functionality of your software. At the first startup of your software, it will automatically check whether your driver is up-to-date. Should you receive a notification that this is not the case, you can, at this point, download the driver suitable for your graphic card manufacturer.

NVIDIA graphic card 444 MB

Graphic card driver

AMD graphic card 466 MB

Graphic card driver

Dolphin Connectivity Pack 1.0.3 January 22, 2017 , 259 MB

Dolphin Connectivity Operators Manual January 22, 2017 , 506 kB

Dolphin Connectivity Service Manual January 22, 2017 , 246 kB


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