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Mar 1, 2020

New brochure: CEREC Network Operation Recommendations

Dentsply Sirona Hub – Streamlined workflows and complete data security for your practice technology.

Keep all patient and CAD/CAM data synchronized everywhere in the practice. See the current status for all restorative cases in progress at a glance on all devices. Enjoy the serenity of knowing data is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Just three of Hub’s many advantages.
The new Dentsply Sirona data transfer and data backup solution is a catalyst for streamlined workflows, bringing a new level of comfort to everyday practice life.

How it works:  

Versatile device, multiple advantages.

The features of Hub in overview

Consistent data throughout the practice

Hub is ideal for users with multiple acquisition units: All available data is distributed to all compatible devices in the network.

Hand in glove with your practice lab

Once the scan is done, your in-office dental technician can pick a case from the action items list to design, and save the restoration. The case then returns to the practice-wide list as a production job.

Go with the workflow

Hub saves and coordinates job status data, keeping your staff free to complete orders at their leisure without the need for reminders.

Protection against data loss

When it comes to case storage, duplicate copies provide protection against data loss. Hub data storage and transmission are encrypted so securely that even our technicians cannot access your data from outside your office. Hub has no vulnerabilities to make it susceptible to theft or misuse, ensuring that your patients’ personal privacy remains protected.

Plug & Play

Thanks to auto-configuration there is no tedious setup and no need to hire a technician. Just connect Hub to your network and it configures itself.

The hub brochure

All information at a glance.

CEREC network operation recommendations

Previously, radio modules were the recommended connection for sending processing jobs from the CEREC AC to MC XL-family units. As the CEREC Primemill’s firmware updates are typically much larger than those for the MC XL units, completing these updates with a radio module takes considerably longer than with a WiFi solution. CEREC Primemill also offers additional features such as remote login which require a connection to the practice (or lab) network.

For those reasons, we recommend not to use radio modules with CEREC Primemill.

Please find all details in the document CEREC Network Operation Recommendations. This document covers all CEREC network-based components.

CEREC Tessera

Now, there's one Choice for Beauty, Strength and Speed without unwanted Trade-Offs: CEREC Tessera CAD/CAM blocks. Find out more with our brochure.

CEREC Tessera brochure

Frequently Asked Questions on Hub

In order to connect to other devices, Hub needs to be connected to a network. This means all devices need to be connected via a router. A direct connection between CEREC AC and Hub will not work, as this kind of so-called “peer-to-peer” connection does not constitute a network without expert configuration.  

A connection via a switch (without router) is possible but requires manual assignment of IP addresses (no plug and play feature).

Plug and play functionality requires that automatic IP address assignment (DHCP) is active in the network. For networks with manual address assignment, the User Manual provides a step-by-step guide for installation.

  • CEREC SW 4.6 or later
  • CEREC Premium SW 4.5 or later
  • CEREC Connect SW 4.6 or later
  • CEREC Ortho SW 2.0 or later
  • Sidexis 4.1.3 or later
Before setting up your Hub, please ensure that supported software is installed on each client to be connected to Hub.

Sidexis (version 4.1.3 or later) connects with Hub automatically in the background. Now Sidexis can be selected as storage location in the settings of CEREC or CEREC Premium software. From now on your acquisition unit will automatically access the Sidexis patient database.

Not currently.

Currently not.

Hub has a documented interface (API) that allows connection to third-party-software. This means that Hub is prepared for this and a connection can be established as soon as the manufacturers of practice management software implement the functionality in their software. We are currently in contact with major software manufacturers in order to announce possible connections soon.

Hub will save all CAD/CAM data in a so called RAID-system. This means that all data is saved twice on two different hard disk drives. The data is transmitted with heavy encryption directly out of the CEREC or CEREC Premium software and stored securely on Hub.

Hub enables the encrypted transfer and storage directly out of the software, and is not susceptible to unauthorized access by malware, viruses or the like. In addition, only Hub features an Action Items list that provides an overview of unfinished cases.

Hub connects to all compatible devices within the network. It is technically possible to connect several locations if a consistent virtual private network (VPN) connection is established between practices. However, such a solution is complex and often not practicable due to undependable transmission speed between practices.

Hub is optimized for use in private dental practice. Hospitals and universities usually have complex networks and server architectures that suppress or block services that are required for the plug and play functionality of Hub. In individual cases, setup must be clarified with the responsible IT representatives.

Currently only via a virtual private network (VPN), which makes your home computer appear to be part of the practice network. This requires advanced networking knowledge to set up.

Yes. Hub's hardware is designed to run non-stop. Therefore, Hub should be connected to a power supply circuit that is not switched off at night.

Your question was not answered?

Our customer service center will be pleased to assist you. In order to do so, please fill in our contact form.

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Downloads for Hub

Please note that both elements must be available: License code and CEREC Software. The software can be used only in this manner. CEREC SW 5.1 can be used on CEREC Primescan AC, CEREC Omnicam AC (new cart) and CEREC AC Omnicam with Performance Upgrade. Purchasing CEREC SW 5.1 enables the installation and usage also on Primescan AC and Omnicam AC (new cart). For more information please read the upgrade description.

CEREC SW 5.1.3 Material Pack 35 MB

The update CEREC SW 5.1.3 Material Pack is distributed via AutoUpdate. The update requires a pre-installed version CEREC SW 5.1.3.

Update Description Material Pack CEREC SW 5.1.3 195 kB

CEREC Primemill Firmware Update M17-2.3.70-V112020 MP 340 MB

The new CEREC Primemill firmware includes new materials for processing with the CEREC SW 5.1.3 Material Pack. It is compatible with the CEREC SW 5.1.3 Material Pack introduced in May 2021.

Update Description CEREC Primemill Firmware M17-2.3.70-V112020 MP 134 kB

CEREC SW 5.1.3 1 GB

The update CEREC SW 5.1.3 is distributed via AutoUpdate. The update requires a pre-installed version CEREC SW 5.1.2

Update Description CEREC SW 5.1.3 176 kB

CEREC SW 5.1.2 Material Pack 51 MB

Update Description Material Pack CEREC SW 5.1.2 193 kB

CEREC SW 5.1.2 1000 MB

The update CEREC SW 5.1.2 is distributed via AutoUpdate. The update requires a pre-installed version CEREC SW 5.1.1.

Update Description CEREC SW 5.1.2 219 kB

CEREC SW 5.1.1 998 MB

The update CEREC SW 5.1.1 is distributed via AutoUpdate. The update requires a pre-installed version CEREC SW 5.1.0.

Update Description CEREC SW 5.1.1 44 kB

CEREC SW 5.1 Material Pack 33 MB

New material with Material Pack CEREC SW 5.1: Activation of CEREC Guide 2 and CEREC Guide 3 for US | Straumann: Variobase C (not for US/not for Japan)


Upgrade Description CEREC SW 5.1 coming from SW 4 65 kB

Upgrade Description CEREC SW 5.1 coming from SW 5 38 kB

CER-document-Countries-CEREC-5-1-approval.pdf 23 kB

Upgrade Advisor Software Generation 5 74 MB

Dentsply Sirona Software Generation 5 runs on Windows 10. In order to benefit from Software Generation 5, a hardware performance upgrade might be necessary for Omnicam users. Please check which Performance Upgrade you need by using our Upgrade Advisor.

Please note that both elements must be available: License code and CEREC Software. The software can be used only in this manner. CEREC SW 5.0.x can only be used on CEREC Primescan AC and CEREC Omnicam AC (new AC). Purchasing CEREC SW 5.0 enables the installation and usage also on Primescan AC and Omnicam AC (new AC). Updates rely on the previous installation. You have to install CEREC SW 5.0 initially to update to CEREC SW 5.0.1 and CEREC SW 5.0.2.

CEREC SW 5.0.2 596 MB

Not permitted in the U.S.

CEREC SW 5.0.1 600 MB

CEREC SW 5.0.1



Please note that both elements must be available: License code and CEREC Software. The software can be used only in this manner. With CEREC SW 4.6, it is possible to skip over the uninstallation of a CEREC SW 4.5.x during the installation. The uninstallation of CEREC SW 4.5.x is however recommended by Dentsply Sirona, since insufficient memory on the hard disc can lead to malfunction of the software. Attention: If CEREC SW 4.5.x is uninstalled subsequently, CEREC SW 4.6 will also be uninstalled. A reinstallation of the CEREC SW 4.6 will be necessary. The already entered CEREC SW 4.6 license will still be valid.

CAD/CAM Prerequisites Software Patch 293 MB

Necessary for the installation of CEREC Software 4.6.x and CEREC CAM Software 4.6.x

Patch for CEREC SW 4.6.1 Material Pack 10 MB

Preinstalled CEREC SW 4.6.1 with Material Pack required. Bugfix for layered blocks.

CEREC Software 4.6.1 Material Pack

CEREC SW 4.6.1 & CEREC CAM SW 4.6.1 Material Pack Description 189 kB

CEREC Software 4.6.1 636 MB

CEREC Software 4.6.1 - Update Description 123 kB

The update CEREC SW 4.6.1 is distributed via AutoUpdate. The update requires a pre-installed version CEREC SW 4.6.x. Not permitted in the US.

CEREC Software 4.6 - Download 108 MB

Instructions for installation of CEREC SW 4.6 via web installer 296 kB

CEREC Software 4.6 - Upgrade Description 127 kB

Operator's Manual - CEREC Software 4.6.x 4 MB

Not valid for USA

There are two possibilities for installation: either the direct download of the entire software (~ 3 GB) or an installation file with an initial size of 100 MB. The latter is recommended in case of a lower bandwidth since the download process is continued after interruption. Please note that both the license code and CEREC software must be available for the software to be used. With CEREC SW 4.5.1 it is possible to skip uninstallation of a version of CEREC SW 4.4.x during the installation. Even so, Dentsply Sirona recommends uninstalling versions of CEREC SW 4.4.x, because lack of storage space on the hard disk can cause the software to malfunction. Important: Once the download has been completed with the compressed zip file, the file must be extracted. Only then can the Setup.exe and accordingly the installation process be started. Attempting to start the setup from the file before it has been extracted may lead to installation errors.

CEREC Software 4.5.2 555 MB

CEREC SW 4.5.2 Material Pack 7 MB

Tetric CAD (Ivoclar Vivadent), CERASMART300 (GC; released only in Japan), KATANA Zirconia block ST/STML (Kuraray Noritake Dental; released only in the U.S.)

CEREC SW 4.5.2 Material Pack Description 139 kB

CEREC Software 4.5.1 3 GB

CEREC SW 4.5.1 Web-Installer 108 MB

CEREC SW 4.5.1: Update Description 171 kB

CEREC Software 4.5.0 Upgrade Description 42 kB

CEREC SW 4.5.x User's Manual (U.S. only) 3 MB

CEREC SW 4.5.x User's Manual 3 MB

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.4 - Software October 26, 2016 , 673 MB

Material Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.4. March 21, 2017 , 6 MB

Dentsply Sirona CEREC Zirconia meso, VITA Enamic multiColor, VITA SUPRINITY IS with Ti-Base, Ivoclar Vivadent ZirCAD LT, GC Initial LRF

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.4 - Update Description November 1, 2016 , 60 kB

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.3 – Software June 3, 2016 , 677 MB

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.3 - Update Description July 10, 2016 , 62 kB

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.2 – Software March 22, 2016 , 783 MB

Straumann Material Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.2 - Software March 22, 2016 , 5 MB


Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.2 - Update Description March 22, 2016 , 28 kB