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CEREC Software

Home Products CEREC Software 4.6

CEREC Software 4.6 - Simplicity, Speed, Flexibility

The CEREC software 4.6 is now even faster thanks to its many intelligent automations, and the new algorithm ensures even better production results. You can choose from numerous options for the import and export of data, giving you the freedom to pursue individual choices – whether you create the restoration yourself in your own practice or delegate this task to a lab. The software gives you the intuitive support you need. Exactly the way you like it.  

Overview of the benefits

Up to 20% shorter total calculation time compared to CEREC SW 4.5

Automatic calculation of the preparation margin

Seamless connection to inLab Software through export and import of complete restoration data as a DXD-file

Better initial proposals thanks to optimized Biojaw algorithm

Anatomic connectors for more aesthetic bridges

Automatic setting of the model axis

Timesaving by direct upload into the Sirona Connect Portal from the CEREC Software

Clearer presentation of dialog windows and functions

Tutorials for CEREC Software 4.6

Learn the new features of CEREC Software 4.6 with the help of our tutorials!

Automatic Calculation of Preparation Margin

As a user, you are supported by the automatic calculation of the preparation margin on the basis of artificial intelligence, to achieve the restoration results even faster. A sufficiently large scanning range is important for this. The suggestion can be adjusted manually at any time and if required, the function can be switched off through the configuration.

Deactivation of the automatic preparation margin

You can deactivate the automatic drawing of the preparation margin in the configuration at any time.

Anatomic Connectors

With the function “Anatomic Connector”, which until now was available only in the CEREC Premium software, you can create the interdental spaces and realize the natural tooth shape in bridges, so that the results look more aesthetic.

Seamless connection to inLab Software through DXD-Export

For the design and manufacture of complex and time-consuming work by dental technicians in the practice laboratory, the data exchange from CEREC Software 4.6 is simpler than ever before: With the help of the DXD format, scan and design data can quickly be exchanged between CEREC Software, Sirona Connect Software and inLab Software.

How can data in DXD format be passed on?

There are no restrictions for the passing on of data. The data transfer can occur over the internal practice network as well as over the USB-stick or online portals for dissemination of data.


Which data can be transferred?

All restoration data, incl. preparation margin, tooth color up to complete design data. Reimport into the CEREC Software is also possible and also the local adjustment of the design.


What are the technical requirements for using the function?

  • CEREC Software 4.6
  • inLab Software 18


When is DXD recommended? When Sirona Connect/STL?

Within the local network, e.g. in the practice laboratory, the DXD format is recommended since no Internet connection is required for passing on of data. For exchange with commercial inLab laboratories and independent laboratories that are registered there, Sirona Connect is recommended. With independent laboratories that do not wish to be connected to the Sirona Connect Portal, the STL-Format can be selected for exporting


Additional Changes

From inLab SW 18 onwards, in addition to laboratory devices, the CEREC MC XL Premium Package can now also be controlled.


Optimized Biojaw Algorithm

Through the further development of the Biokiefer Algorithm, you get a distinctly improved initial proposal with regard to function and aesthetics. The minimal wall thickness is more accurately maintained and is marked occlusally red in case the opposing jaw bites on the minimal body which enables a better control of the occlusal situation.

Up to 20% shorter total calculating time compared to CEREC SW 4.5

You profit from a distinctly faster workflow due to shortening of the calculation time in several phases of the software.

Information on Indications and Hardware Compatibility

CEREC Software 4.6
CEREC Software 4.5
Inlay, Onlay, Veneer, Crown x
Bridge x
Interdental Connectors x x
Anatomic Connectors x -
Abutment Crown x x
Abutment Framework - x
Directly screwed crown
x x
CEREC Guide 1 - x
CEREC Guide 2 x x

CEREC Software 4.6 is compatible with:

  • CEREC Omnicam
  • CEREC MC, MC X, MC XL and MC XL Premium Package


CEREC Software 4.6 is no longer compatible with:

  • CEREC Bluecam
  • inEos X5
  • inEos Blue

All Changes in Overview

The video on the right gives you an overview of all changes to CEREC Software 4.6 compared to previous versions. In the following, you will also find an overview of general changes as well as changes in the individual phases, so that you can easily find your way around the new CEREC Software 4.6.

New tones selectable for the CEREC Omnicam

New sub-menus in the configuration

  • Block Handling: Adaptation of the block size proposal (smallest possible or last used block size)
  • Deactivation of the determination of the automatic preparation margin

Blend-in/blend-out of steps

To guarantee better clarity, only the steps that are necessary in the step bar are shown. However, you can still blend-in all optional steps by clicking on the symbol near the left double arrow (as marked on the right).

Minimize/maximize the side palettes

For better clarity, all tools or options are not blended-in into the side palettes. Click on the symbol (as marked on the right) to blend-in all tools or options. By clicking again on the symbol you can blend-out the tools or options again.

Omission of the design mode Biogeneric Reference, and instead “Copy and Mirror”

Both design modes lead to the same result, the correct technical term however is “Copy & Mirror”. Since CEREC Bluecam made individual pictures which have been “referenced”, the process was called Biogeneric Reference in the past. Since CEREC Bluecam is not compatible with the new CEREC Software 4.6, the technical terminology was appropriately adjusted.

Improvement of the design mode “Biogeneric Copy”

Support for material selection for CEREC SpeedFire

By putting a tick mark, only those materials that have been released for processing in CEREC SpeedFire will be displayed.

Automatic Recognition of the Model Axis

By the calculation on the basis of artificial intelligence, entry errors are reduced and you save time. A manual adaption is possible by going back to the step over the step bar.

Automatic calculation of the prepmargin

See separate menu on this page.


Automatic recording of the scan bodies in the implantology workflow

Due to that, no clicking on the scan body is required

Direct Upload into Connect Portal without Sirona Connect Software

You reach the portal through the already known Sirona Connect Button in the system menu (bar above). In the start view, you have the possibility to invoke your order overview through the new order list.

Improvement of the Biojaw Algorithm

The minimal wall thickness is more accurately maintained and is marked occlusally red in case the opposing jaw bites on the minimal body.

Reduction of the calculation time of the first proposal, particularly in complex clinical situations and bridges

Anatomic Connectors

The new options for adjustment of the links between the individual restoration elements enables you to design more aesthetic bridges.

Change in the “Manufacturing” window

You will find all parameters and information important for manufacturing directly in the manufacturing phase and need not be changed through the configuration. This includes e.g. occlusal offset, grinding options (extra-fine, fine, fast) and the requisite tools.

Starting the manufacturing process with the new “Start” button

Bur Tables


Bur table


Bur table


Bur table


Bur table


Bur table


Bur table

TiBase-Material Compatibility Table

This overview describes which combinations of titanium bases and materials in the CEREC Software 4.6 can be selected for the different regions. 

Combinations of titanium bases and materials in CEREC software 4.6 and CEREC Premium SW 4.5 59 kB

Graphic Card Driver

The use of a graphic card driver is necessary for ensuring an optimal functionality of your CEREC Software 4.6. At the first startup of your software, it will automatically check whether your driver is up-to-date. Should you receive a notification that this is not the case, you can, at this point, download the driver suitable for your graphics card manufacturer. You can obtain detailed information on the graphics card driver from the PDF instructions.

Check of Graphic Card Driver 197 kB

How to check your graphic card driver

AMD graphic card

Graphic card driver

NVIDIA graphic card 444 MB

Graphic card driver

Operator's Manual

Operator's Manual - CEREC Software 4.6.x

Not valid for USA

CEREC Software 4.6.x

Please note that both elements must be available: License code and CEREC Software. The software can be used only in this manner. With CEREC SW 4.6, it is possible to skip over the uninstallation of a CEREC SW 4.5.x during the installation. The uninstallation of CEREC SW 4.5.x is however recommended by Dentsply Sirona, since insufficient memory on the hard disc can lead to malfunction of the software. Attention: If CEREC SW 4.5.x is uninstalled subsequently, CEREC SW 4.6 will also be uninstalled. A reinstallation of the CEREC SW 4.6 will be necessary. The already entered CEREC SW 4.6 license will still be valid.

CAD/CAM Prerequisites Software Patch 293 MB

Necessary for the installation of CEREC Software 4.6.x and CEREC CAM Software 4.6.x

Patch for CEREC SW 4.6.1 Material Pack 10 MB

Preinstalled CEREC SW 4.6.1 with Material Pack required. Bugfix for layered blocks.

CEREC Software 4.6.1 Material Pack

CEREC SW 4.6.1 & CEREC CAM SW 4.6.1 Material Pack Description 189 kB

CEREC Software 4.6.1 636 MB

CEREC Software 4.6.1 - Update Description 123 kB

The update CEREC SW 4.6.1 is distributed via AutoUpdate. The update requires a pre-installed version CEREC SW 4.6.x. Not permitted in the US.

CEREC Software 4.6 - Download 108 MB

Instructions for installation of CEREC SW 4.6 via web installer 296 kB

CEREC Software 4.6 - Upgrade Description 127 kB

Operator's Manual - CEREC Software 4.6.x 4 MB

Not valid for USA

CEREC CAM Software 4.6.x

CEREC CAM SW 4.6.1 609 MB

CEREC CAM Software 4.6 - Download 756 MB

Tutorials for CEREC Software 4.6

Learn the new features of CEREC Software 4.6 with the help of our tutorials!

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about CEREC Software 4.6

Yes, both have the same result. “Copy & Mirror” is the correct term. The procedure was called Biogeneric reference in the past because the CEREC Bluecam created individual images that were “referenced”. Since the CEREC Bluecam is not compatible with the new CEREC Software 4.6, the terminology was updated accordingly.

No. However, it is generally recommended to uninstall older, obsolete software versions to free up more disk space for the current version.

The DXD format makes it possible to exchange restoration data between CEREC Software from version 4.6 and inLab Software from version 18.