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Home Products OraCheck

OraCheck - Digital Intraoral Monitoring

  • 3D comparison between two or more digital scans.
  • The software superimposes those scans and visualizes differences in colour.
  • Visualize, document and communicate changes of your patients’ intraoral situation.
  • The perfect match to Primescan or other high performing intraoral scanners.
  • No annual fee.

Tutorials for OraCheck

Learn more about OraCheck with the help of our tutorials!

Why OraCheck?

See how you can visualize gingival recession with OraCheck.

Gingival Recession Measurement, before, OraCheck 5

Initial scan.

Gingival Recession Measurement, after, OraCheck 5

The same situation, eight months later.

Gingival Recession Measurement, OraCheck 5

A difference of 1mm is visible.

Clinical Benefits of OraCheck 5

Available analyses: Volume and distance analysis, section view and tilt analysis.

OraCheck gives hints on loss of tooth substance such as abrasions, erosions and dental fractures

The software reveals gingival changes like recessions and swellings

With OraCheck, you can check tooth movement before, during and after a treatment

OraCheck shows you deposits of dental plaque

OraCheck runs on Windows 10. In order to work with OraCheck with your current Omnicam, a hardware performance upgrade might be necessary. Depending on the hardware generation, different Performance Upgrades are available.

Please check which Performance Upgrade you need by using our Upgrade Advisor.

You can download OraCheck and purchase the OraCheck license from your Dentsply Sirona distribution partner.

Upgrade Advisor

Upgrade Advisor Software Generation 5 74 MB

Please use this tool to check the hardware status of your Acquisition Center.

The OraCheck Workflow - Step by step

With OraCheck, an intraoral scan could become a standard procedure in your dental practice.

Dentist scanning


Take a digital impression. Your patients will be relieved as there is no impression tray involved.

OraCheck export/import STL file


  • Export a Dentsply Sirona scan or import an STL scan to OraCheck.
  • One scan is used as a reference scan.
  • The second one is used for comparison.
OraCheck arrange and analyze


Arrange and analyze the two scans.

Main Features of the OraCheck Software 5

Volume measurement, OraCheck 5

Volume measurement

Calculation of the volumetric change, increase or loss, in mm3.

Cross Section, OraCheck 5

2D cross section

Presentation and measurement of distances in any cross-sections that can be interactively defined.

Tooth movements, OraCheck 5

Tooth movements

Calculation and visualisation of tooth movements.

Distance Analysis with OraCheck 5

Distance analysis

Visualize the distance between two scans.

The three software phases  

Phase Bar Arrangement Phase OraCheck 5

Administration phase

Administration Phase, OraCheck 5

A: Import cases as .oc (OraCheck) or STL or export as .oc
B: Selected patient
C: Selected dentist
D: Patient list / Edit patient
E: Cases / Arrangement of scans
F: Scans saved in a case and preview

Arrangement phase

Arrangement Phase OraCheck 5
  1. Select two scans in order to analyze
  2. Now, analysis phase is available
  3. Just klick on analysis to proceed

Analysis phase - The Distance tool

Distance Analysis with OraCheck 5

Use the Distance tool to visualize the distance between baseline and follow up scan.

This works with and without defining a region.

Move the ruler to adapt the visualization scale for the Loss and the Gain.

Distance Tools, OraCheck 5

Analysis phase - The 2D section view

Analysis two section view, OraCheck 5

Mark a line through the region you want to analyze.


2D Section View, OraCheck 5

Move the selected area by moving the arrows.

Section view, OraCheck 5

Measure the distance in the 2D view with the cursor and left mouse.

Analysis phase - Tilting

Tilting Analysis, jaw, OraCheck 5

Mark a line through the region you want to analyze with the region tool.


Tilting Analysis, OraCheck 5

Choose tilting analysis to show the movement of the tooth.

Two arrows indicate the movement and the change is also displayed in figures.

Tilting tools, OraCheck 5

Operator's Manual

Operator's Manual - OraCheck 5 2 MB

Due to different approval and registration times, not all products are immediately available in all countries.

Software Download

Availability to download and utilize OraCheck license for United States existing customers expected for Summer, 2021

Here you can download the current OraCheck Software This version supports Primescan AC, CEREC Primescan AC, Omnicam AC and CEREC Omnicam AC (Windows 10). Due to different approval and registration times, not all products are immediately available in all countries.

OraCheck 5 543 MB

Upgrade Advisor Software Generation 5 74 MB

Dentsply Sirona Software Generation 5 runs on Windows 10. In order to benefit from Software Generation 5, a hardware performance upgrade might be necessary for Omnicam users. Please check which Performance Upgrade you need by using our Upgrade Advisor.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on OraCheck

Customers who invested in OraCheck 2.15 and do not want to upgrade, will be supported by Cyfex. Dentsply Sirona will support Version 5 and above.

OraCheck runs on all Primescan AC, Omnicam AC and CEREC AC which are upgraded to Windows 10. In addition, OraCheck runs on all Windows 10 PCs which fulfill the following requirements:

  • CPU: i7-3930K @3.2GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Graphics card: GTX 580
  • Screen Resolution: 1280x1024

The OraCheck application requires a valid OraCheck license. It will be installed by the license manager on the USB License Stick (Codemeter) or on the virtual Codemeter Stick.

Similar to the Connect Case Center Inbox, the virtual Codemeter Stick is installed together with the installation of the license manager.

If you install the license on the virtual stick, your PC and the license are linked irreversibly. That means that if your PC is broken, the license will be lost. Optionally, you can order a physical Codemeter Stick from your dealer.

Yes, you can run OraCheck on a Windows 10 PC which fits the necessary requirements. Furthermore, you need to have a valid OraCheck license on your PC.

Yes, OraCheck can import STL files and analyze the data. OraCheck may be a useful extension for intraoral scanners without an analysis function.

However, Dentsply Sirona does not guarantee that working with STL files is possible in every case.

It is not possible to answer this question completely. Accuracy depends on the accuracy of the acquisition system. Geometries are interpreted without any changes.

The visualisation of the analysis results is limited to 0.1 mm.

The direction in which the distance between two geometries is measured, is perpendicular to the surface.
This is why OraCheck is no reliable source for academic research but for visualization of the results. For accurate distance measurement Dentsply Sirona recommends the 2D sectional view.

OraCheck has all functions you need for patient monitoring before and after a treatment.

The license is permanent.

There is no general discount for Club-Members. The Club is a global structure, whereas OraCheck is currently limited to the USA and Europe.

You can run OraCheck SW 2.15 on your AC. If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 and OraCheck 5.0, please reach out to your local distributor for an individual offer.

Yes, OraCheck is offered as a full version. If the hardware requirements do not change, you can even skip multiple versions.

OraCheck does not connect to the Hub or to the patient data base yet, but this is a target for future versions.

When working with OraCheck for the first time, you create a new case which will be the reference scan for future comparisons.

No, the connection is established via the Acquisiton Center, AC, and the SIDEXIS software.

There are multiple workflows depending on the clinical situation. Best-case, every patient is scanned during the first appointment. This is the reference scan. To increase efficiency, a trained assistant scans the patient, starts OraCheck and registers the current scan to the previous one.

Due to better performance of the scanner, Primescan users are more likely to adapt this approach. For Omnicam users, the guided scan is recommended.

No. We stick to our seamless, validated and open philosophy, which means that a validated and seamless workflow will always create a better user experience.

Dentsply Sirona cannot gurantee a smooth workflow with all the different STL files generated. In our seamless workflow we transmit the patient information, colour and support in case of problems.

If they are imported from a Dentsply Sirona software, they are shown in colour. STL files are not coloured.

OraCheck offers two options for the registration of models:
  1.  Best fit: The computer calculates the best registration.
  2.  Manual: The user defines the areas used for registration. If you suspect an abrasion on the occlusal surface, you should use the tooth neck for registration.

If OraCheck is not able to match the models. This means that there is too much deviation.

Please keep in mind that there are always differences between the models, even if the same model is scanned twice. This is in relation to the scan strategy, accuracy and precision of the scanner.

OraCheck supports the dentist to visualize changes and to indicate diseases. As the diagnosis is made by the dentist in every individual situation, Dentsply Sirona does not recommend any specific paramaters.

No. OraCheck visualizes the differences between scans. The diagnosis is made by the dentist.

OraCheck can do multiple different comparisons:
  • Current situation at point in time x compared to the current situation at point in time y, for example in order to do a compliance check
  • Actual to desired state within a treatment: current scan versus treatment plan
  • Actual to desired state at the end of the treatment: Does the actual result correspond to the planned result?
  • During retainer treatment: Check if the teeth still move or if the desired result will remain stable after the treatment

Yes, OraCheck will run with all releases of version 5.

After installation of a newer version of Connect Software, CEREC Software or CEREC Ortho Software, you might need to reinstall OraCheck. This process will be improved.

Primescan is the best choice due to the scanning speed and performance. Omnicam should be used with guided scan.

You may use all scanners which can export STL files and do not have a patient monitoring feature to work with OraCheck.

OraCheck is a Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM product. Please consult the usual information sources such as CEREC Doctors, the International Society of Computerized Dentistry, your dealer, or the Dentsply Sirona Customer Service.

The Pro Module includes advanced chairside applications for dental treatment. OraCheck is used for monitoring.